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We all know how important sponsors can be. Well now there is no need to cover those logos when the weather turns.  Now Rayjus goes beyond the standard matching hoodie by adding some new garments to our lineup and to your tackle bag.


Check out our completely customizable Water-resistant and wind-resistant hoodie and matching pants. These can be purchased together or separately. This garment will keep you dry and warm when the weather breaks or on early morning runs. Sure you could pay well over $300 for a rainsuit that looks like everyone else's or you can pick up this Rayjus packable rain suit for about the cost of a tournament entry.



No hoodie or jersey is complete without a pair of matching Rayjus sweatpants These pants feature deep zipper pockets and a track suit style zipper at the bottom hem. These are a perfect addition to your jersey or hoodie. These can be customized to match any of our designs and adding logos is also an option. Rayjus sweatpants are perfect for any College or High School team who really wants to complete their look. If you want a simple look with some logos down the side and a bit of color or if you want to complement a wild jersey or hoodie design...no problem they are completely customizable.